I'm a new reader. What's a good book to start with?

Hello there!

I always suggest Built to Fall as a great place to begin as it was written as a standalone, but connects to The Seasons Change series.

Another great place to start is Dear Grumpy Boss, my most popular book!

Which of your books are in audio?

Check out Audible to find my audiobooks!


Are your Savage books related to any other series?


In Sweet Like Poison, Elena Sanderson, who first appears in Start a Fire, falls in love with Lachlan Kelly. Lachlan has a little sister named Saoirse.

Saoirse’s book is Sincerely, Your Inconvenient Wife, part of The Harder They Fall series. This book takes place about eight years after Sweet Like Poison, and it offers a fun glimpse of Lock and Elena as a married couple with kids.

What is the reading order of the Savage universe?

Savage Crew

Start a Fire

Through the Ashes

Burn it Down


Savage U

Soft Like Thunder

Bright Like Midnight

Sweet Like Poison

Real Like Daydreams


Savage Academy

Save One Thing

These Two Wrongs

Jump on Three


And then if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can read The Harder They Fall series, which features a side character from Sweet Like Poison!

What's the reading order for your earlier rock star books?

So…if you want a true, in-depth experience, here’s my suggested reading order:

Want You Bad (from The Sublime series)

Blue is the Color series

Times Like These

Watch Me Unravel

Such Great Heights

Under the Bridge


Blossoms and Bones freebie novella (sign up for my newsletter for the link!)


The Never Blue Duet


Unrequited series



Rocked (not technically part of this series, but it falls in between these two!)


What about your new rock star books? How should I read those?

My newer rock star books are written as complete standalones, however, here is what I suggest for the richest reading experience:

Built to Fall

The Seasons Change series

Falling in Reverse

Stone Cold Notes

Faded in Bloom

*pause this series and read Unrequited and Dissonance, then come back*

Where Waves Break



Where can I find your playlists?

How do you decide what to write?

I usually pick a trope first, and then go from there. When I begin a series, I have a pretty good idea what I’ll do with the stories, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I zig instead of zag!

How do you plot your books?

I am what they call a “plotser”, which is a mix between a plotter and a pantser. Before I start writing, I usually have a few scenes in my head that I know I want to write, so I list vague ideas of how to get there. So far this method has worked well for me!

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