I’m a failure of a blogger and a website updater. Has it been a year since I’ve written a blog?

I’ve been a busy bee! I’ve put out four full-length novels and three novellas, all in ten months.

My latest release was Eight Cozy Nights, a sexy and sweet Hanukkah novella. A lot of details were lifted from my own life, including the debate over sour cream vs. applesauce on latkes (sour cream all the way!).

My little novella was featured in USA Today’s HEA! Shamefully, so we a link to my website, so I thought I better add a little update in case someone clicks on it!
Here’s the article…can you believe my sweet little story is listed alongside all those BIG names? I’m so thrilled!
Must-read Holiday Romances!

Eight Cozy Nights is only 99 pennies and can be read as a complete standalone, although if you love the hero, Yo, you’ll enjoy reading the first book he appears in, Pixie Cut


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